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Are staking rewards at BCM flexible?

Yes, the amount of compensation paid for staking is determined at BCM for each cryptocurrency. This is done on the basis of:

  • a risk factor set according to volatility;
  • The complexity of the staking process; 
  • liquidity during the period of strike.

So the percentage you can earn from staking varies by coin and is also flexible. So the rewards can go up or down along the way. It occasionally happens that a particular coin's staking rewards temporarily drop to 0%. This is sometimes caused by changing liquidity of the crypto or volatility in the market. Incidentally, it is quite possible that staking percentages will be paid out on the crypto a short time later. So there is no harm in leaving the crypto on staking if you have no intention of trading it in the short term or would like to move it. Staking percentages can never go negative.