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Staking at BCM in brief?

At BCM, you can generate additional rewards through staking.

The key points to keep in mind about staking at BCM are:

  • Staking rates vary by currency and may change.
  • The staking rates indicated are annualized.
  • You can start or stop staking coins at any time.
  • Staking rewards are paid daily, overnight.
  • Rewards of staking are paid from the moment a coin has been staked for at least 24 hours, shorter staking is not effective.
  • The amount of staking awards is adjusted periodically.
  • Staking rewards are paid out in the same crypto coin you make available for staking.

To stake your crypto at BCM, log in via the website or app and go to the portfolio tab. There you will see three tabs: currencies, crypto and staking. Click on 'Staking ' to start the process.