FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt)

FUD, in the crypto world, stands for 'fear, uncertainty and doubt '.
You may have seen the term pass by the moment a coin is in the news negatively. When negative news about a particular coin is spread, but this news is not true, speak of FUD. This term, like FOMO, is a term based on fear regarding a particular coin.

When does FUD arise?

FUD is often created on social media. For example, people spread this fake news in order to push down the price and buy in at a lower rate. By spreading bad news, they hope to cause panic on the market, causing people to sell their coins. As the price drops, the FUD spreaders can buy the coins cheaply.

What can you do about FUD?

The best tip often given is never sell your coins out of fear. In addition, it is important to know exactly what you have invested in. This allows you to better assess whether this news can be true. If you have confidence in the team, the project and therefore the coin, you are much less likely to be distracted by negative news. It is also important to check for yourself whether the news is true by consulting different sources.