Bull Market

A Bull Market is a positive market sentiment. We speak of a bull market when the market is in an upward trend. This happens when many investors buy crypto.
A good example is the trend in 2017 where the market reached new highs, in this the Bitcoin rose from $1,000.00 USD to $20,000.00 USD. Here, the market was in a substantial upward trend for an extended period of time.

What is a bullrun?

A bull run is a short period in a bull market when prices rise rapidly. In a bull market, market sentiment is already positive and prices generally rise. During a bullrun, prices rise exceptionally fast. By the way, this is not only true for crypto but also for stocks, for example. A group of investors becomes more confident and therefore starts buying more. This group of people are called "Bulls. This causes the price to rise and this in turn attracts new investors, causing the price to rise even further. So this puts the price in a positive feedback loop.

Bullruns from the past

In 2017, the crypto world experienced a massive bull run. If we look at the beginning of the year 2017, the price of a bitcoin was around $1,000.00.
If we look at the beginning of mid-November of 2017, we see that on November 15, the price was at $6500.00. A month later on, Dec. 18, the price of a bitcoin touched $19,800. This is an increase of over 300%. During this gigantic (but also short) bullrun, a lot of people decided to get in, driving the price even higher.

It is not known where the names Bull and Bear market come from. One way to remember the difference is to think of the bull on Wall Street. This image symbolizes confidence in equity markets. A Bull Market, in other words.