ATH (All-Time-High)

ATH is an abbreviation that stands for All-Time-High (highest ever)

This term is not only used in the crypto sector. With stocks, it is also referred to as an all-time-high. This term refers to the highest price level a stock or coin has ever reached. An all-time-high often appears in predictions or retrospectives.

Information about all-time-highs

Viewing statistics with the all-time-highs, all-time-lows and current prices of different types of coins can be done on several sites. On our coin pages for example, here are charts of the coins we offer. Another website where a lot of information can be found is Coinmarketcap. Here you can see price charts going back to when a coin went online. Coinmarketcap shows the average price based on all providers of the coin. Therefore, there is not 1 "right" price. Although the prices are close together there will always be a slight difference to be found.