In the world of crypto, you may come across the term "airdrop. An airdrop involves handing out a new crypto currency to people with a cryptowallet.

Why do crypto airdrops exist?

An airdrop is often used to draw attention to a new crypto currency. You can compare a crypto airdrop to sampling, as someone on the street sometimes hands out a new drink (sample) to passersby.

Nowadays there are so many crypto coins that it can be very difficult for a new coin to get noticed.
The very first crypto airdrop dates back to 2014 in Iceland, where a developer named Baldur Friggjar Odinsson handed out 31.8 million Auroracoins. After this action, Aurora's value increased by over a thousand percent. This shows that an airdrop can be a very good marketing strategy.

Sometimes an airdrop is announced in advance but this is not always the case. It depends on the marketing team what choices are made in it. Often the white paper for a new coin describes how many tokens are used for marketing purposes. Conducting an airdrop is also done with the marketing budget.

How do I receive a crypto airdrop?

To receive an airdrop, you sometimes have to meet conditions set by the crypto-currency issuer. For example, you must share a link on social media, leave your email address or invite friends to the airdrop.

Alternatively, you must already be in possession of a particular crypto currency. You will then receive the new airdrop as a thank you for your support of another project.